Can You Make Use Of Data Recovery Programs For This Purpose?

You can do data recovery on Surface PCs by yourself. To do this, it will be necessary to use special programs for this purpose. In the network you can get several that will help you complete this task, but the best known and that many users use because they are functional for them are the following :

The leader par excellence when it comes to recovering Facebook data on computers. Recuva is perfect not only because it is very easy to use, but also because it is easy to install on any PC. You will only have to download the application and go to the drive where the lost files were. Once there, press “scan” for the program to do its job.

Note that these files do not appear with their original name after that scan. Instead, they have the name “rare”.

To repair them, you must press on each of them. Similarly, it will not be possible to make an effective restoration of all. Those that appear in green are the ones that can be rescued, while those that you see in red have already lost their information, so it is not convenient to try a recovery. If they are in an orange tone, it may be possible to carry out the process, but it will not always be effective for you.

  • Another option available to you is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Like Recuva, it is one of the most used by those who have suffered data loss on Surface computers and need to recover it as soon as possible. How does it work? Same as Recovery. Once you see the files that you can restore on your PC, select each one of them and follow the process that will be mentioned.
  • If with the help of this class of programs it is not enough to recover data from a Surface, go to a technical service center. At Surface Labs we are trained to help you with this and any other problem that arises with your device.

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