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Invisalign is a custom fitted clear aligner system for orthodontic corrections of misalignment of the teeth. The easily removable aligner trays do not disrupt your usual lifestyle unlike the conventional braces. This revolutionary technology to straighten the teeth has ceaselessly straightened teeth of zillions of people all over the world and the number is still counting. It offers unparalleled discreetness as well as ease in straightening your teeth.

Invisalign makes use of clear transparent aligner trays that are small in size. The custom designed aligners are fitted at the back of the teeth and these appliances virtually remain invisible inside your mouth. It proves to be a highly reliable alternative to the conventional train track braces made of metal. During any orthodontic treatment maintaining optimum oral hygiene is usually a challenge. But with Invisalign it is a complete different story!

Invisalign unlike traditional orthodontic procedures

You can easily take the removable aligner trays out of the mouth whenever you want and can wear them back again. So, brushing and flossing the teeth is no problem with Invisalign unlike traditional orthodontic procedures. This new-age technology to straighten the teeth does not impose any dietary restriction either unlike conventional braces. You can enjoy all your favourite foods and drinks throughout the course of your orthodontic teeth straightening with Invsialign without any fuss. Just remove the aligner trays before biting into a food item or sipping on a drink and it is also important to wear the aligner back on the teeth right when the treat is over.

As one of the top Invisalign providers in the UK we at the Bayswater Dental Clinic in London have to answer many queries from potential patients. One question that is most frequent is whether this cutting-edge treatment to straighten the teeth is available on the NHS. It is important we feel to straight this point straight.

Invisalign and the NHS

Let us get to the gist of the matter right at the beginning – no, the NHS does not provide Invisalign aligners. In other words if you expect to get more affordable and cheap Invisalign from your NHS dentist then that will never materialise into reality. You will not get Invisalign teeth straightening aligners on the NHS. Now let us get into the details over the matter.

As far as NHS funding for dentistry is concerned, it is an overall complicated matter. There are several private dentistry clinics across the country (just like us) none of whose services and treatments is available on the NHS and this includes Invisalign.  However NHS provides funding for orthodontic care. But it is precisely for those who need orthodontic care and treatment to improve their oral health and not for enhancing the appearance of their teeth or smile.

NHS funding for orthodontic care is also available to children and teens those who are below 18 years of age. This is actually determined based on the NHS’ own rating system called the IOTN or Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need.

To describe it in simple words the inbuilt rating system or the IOTN relies on a set of measurements to grade one’s smile. The grading ranges from 1 to 5 and if an individual scores 4 or 5 then the individual is eligible for NHS funding. The high score also ensures the individual needs the treatment to correct any vital oral health issue. If someone scores 3 then it is the orthodontist’s prerogative to determine whether the individual qualifies for NHS funding or not. The proposed treatment does not consider those who score 1 or 2 eligible for NHS funding.

More about NHS funding for Invisalign treatment

Under normal circumstances NHS orthodontic care is not provided to adults. However in some very rare instances the NHS approves treatment although that completely depends on case to case basis. The NHS does not typically offer Invisalign aligners to adults. When it comes to NHS funding for orthodontic treatments, age is not a criterion for the clear aligners system. The NHS mostly carries out these treatments using conventional train track braces made of metal.

The reason behind this is simple; those metal train track braces are by and large one of the best ways to straighten the teeth and correct orthodontic flaws. In addition to that metal train track braces prove more cost effective when manufacturing is concerned and the overall treatment also turns out to be more reasonable in cost compared to invisible braces systems like lingual braces and Invisalign aligner trays. The NHS’ argument on the matter is almost invincible; ultimately all the braces systems will lead you to the same result and thus the NHS does not have any especial consideration for Invisalign braces.

But there is no way to deny that those fixed, train track metal braces are not aesthetically much appealing and thus there is no dearth of response whenever private dental clinics launch offers on Invisalign teeth straightening treatment.

Invisalign benefits

Now let us discuss three crucial advantages that Invisalign offer.

  • Greater comfort and convenience – Invisalign aligners are physically more comfortable to wear. There are no brackets and wires associated with it and therefore there is chance of getting painful cuts and nicks in the mouth. The clear aligner trays are much like a mouth guard with no sharp edge. These are smooth and do not irritate your mouth unlike conventional braces system.
  • Aesthetically more appealing – Invisalign is a system of clear aligners, it does not make you appear with a mouth full of metals. Unlike the traditional braces it will not make you self conscious about your appearance. It has no age restriction either and thus even fully grown adults too are free to sign up for the treatment.
  • Easy to remove any time to wear back again – Invisalign aligner trays are easily removable. You can remove the aligners from the teeth any time while eating or drinking and can wear it back again when your treat is over. You can also remove the appliances from the teeth every time while brushing and flossing the teeth.

Paying for private Invisalign treatment

Orthodontic treatments are not reasonable in cost but still oral health practices try their best to keep the figures reasonable. That is why they offer free consultations, interest-free finance options and other such privileges. If you want to get your invisible clear aligner trays at reasonable cost sign up for newsletters with top notch Invisalign providers like Bayswater Dental Clinic in your city. These dental practices launch hefty offer on Invisalign cost in London from time to time. Grab such an offer and make a substantial saving on your Invisalign teeth straightening quite easily. These offers usually include additional benefits like teeth whitening, shaping and fixed retainers to name a few.